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The Encyclopedia of Middle East Wars: The United States in the Persian Gulf, Afghanistan, and Iraq Conflicts [5 volumes]

By Spencer C. Tucker
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : ABC-CLIO
  • Isbn : 1851099484
  • Pages : 1887
  • Category : History
  • Reads : 354
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Book Summary:

This in-depth study of U.S. involvement in the modern Middle East carefully weighs the interplay of domestic, cultural, religious, diplomatic, international, and military events in one of the world's most troubled regions. • Hundreds of alphabetically organized entries on wars, political events, religious and cultural issues, and diplomatic initiatives, as well as in-depth essays on background material, area and regional analyses, and biographical entries • An introduction by General Anthony Zinni, USMC (Ret), former commander in chief of U.S. Central Command • A chronologically arranged final volume comprised of primary and contemporary documents with individual introductions • A detailed chronology of events • Cross-references and books for further reading appended to each entry • A bibliography of over 450 books that are the latest in the field

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The Truth About the Crisis in Iraq

By Joshua Ledra
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Book Summary:

Joshua Ledra, born in Guyana, spent ten years in Iraq where he helped in Iraq’s Reconstruction efforts. His stay in Iraq enabled him to experience at first hand the culture and hospitality of the people. In this book the complexity of the crisis in Iraq is discussed for the first time. Ledra uses his knowledge as an engineer to highlight the role of the United States in the rebuilding efforts in Iraq and he offers his unique vision on the possible solutions to the current crisis. This is a book that all readers will find stimulating and absorbing and is highly recommended to those who are interested in lasting peace in the Middle East. “Joshua Ledra writes with command on a complex subject. His book on the crisis in Iraq is riveting and offers a new perspective on the instability in the region. This is a book that politicians, policymakers and ordinary readers will treasure in their collection.” Dr. Dhanpaul Narine, Department of Education, City of New York. “The Truth About the Crisis in Iraq” possesses the stentorian ring of authenticity. Joshua Ledra, with ten years on the ground as a leader in restoring the infrastructure of Iraq, has returned with a great first person story and much more. Nuggets of historical insight on religion, culture and politics transfer directly into the current and future predicaments and directions unfolding in Iraq and surrounding countries. Knowledge is one thing - what Joshua Ledra brings the reader is wisdom. It’s a fascinating read from cover to cover! Rev. Dr. David H. Benke, Bishop/President Atlantic District, LC-MS Pastor, St. Peter’s Lutheran Church Brooklyn, New York “Engaging the World with the Gospel of Hope”


By Denver Nicks
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  • Publisher : Chicago Review Press
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Book Summary:

Please note: this book was written and published prior to Manning's identification as Chelsea. Beginning in early 2010, Chelsea Manning leaked an astounding amount of classified information to the whistleblower website WikiLeaks: classified combat videos as well as tens of thousands of documents from the war in Afghanistan, hundreds of thousands from Iraq, and hundreds of thousands more from embassies around the globe. Almost all of WikiLeaks's headline-making releases of information have come from one source, and one source only: Chelsea Manning. Manning's story is one of global significance, yet she remains an enigma. Now, for the first time, the full truth is told about a woman who, at the age of only twenty-two, changed the world. Though the overarching narrative in media reports on Manning explain her leaks as motivated by the basest, most self-serving intentions, Private paints a far more nuanced, textured portrait of a woman haunted by demons and driven by hope, forced into an ethically fraught situation by a dysfunctional military bureaucracy. Relying on numerous conversations with those who know Manning best, this book displays how Manning's precocious intellect provided fertile ground for her sense of her own intellectual and moral superiority. It relates how a bright kid from middle America signed on to serve her country and found herself serving a cause far more sinister. And it explains what it takes for a person to betray her orders and fellow troops—and her own future—in order to fulfill what she sees as a higher purpose. Manning's court-martial may be the military trial of the decade, if not the century. This book is a must-read for anyone who wants to understand the woman behind it all.

The World's Most Dangerous Place

By James Fergusson
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
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  • Isbn : 0306821583
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  • File Pdf: the-world-s-most-dangerous-place.pdf

Book Summary:

Although the war in Afghanistan is now in its endgame, the West’s struggle to eliminate the threat from Al Qaeda is far from over. A decade after 9/11, the war on terror has entered a new phase and, it would seem, a new territory. In early 2010, Al Qaeda operatives were reportedly “streaming” out of central Asia toward Somalia and the surrounding region. Somalia, now home to some of the world’s most dangerous terrorists, was already the world’s most failed state. Two decades of anarchy have spawned not just Islamic extremism but piracy, famine, and a seemingly endless clan-based civil war that has killed an estimated 500,000, turned millions into refugees, and caused hundreds of thousands more to flee and settle in Europe and North America. What is now happening in Somalia directly threatens the security of the world, possibly more than any other region on earth. James Fergusson’s book is the first accessible account of how Somalia became the world’s most dangerous place and what we can—and should—do about it.

Child in a Sandbox

By Alfred Zimmerman
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Dog Ear Publishing
  • Isbn : 1598586238
  • Pages : 144
  • Category : Biography & Autobiography
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  • File Pdf: child-in-a-sandbox.pdf

Book Summary:

Be careful what you wish for. What if you were granted the opportunity of a lifetime only to find out it was much more than you ever bargained for? What if your dream job turned out to be something that threatened to destroy your soul and rob you of your life? You're exposed, how would you feel? Child in a Sandbox tells the story of Alfred Zimmerman's ordeal with political bureaucracy, cooperate cover-up, and humanitarian struggle on an unimaginable scale. The book is an up close and personal account of his time spent in Iraq as a civilian contractor, an experience that changed his life forever. The book looks at the plight of the Iraqi children, the emotional highs and lows of everyday existence, and the struggle to remain sane in a world filled with turmoil, hate, and hopelessness.

Harry Flashman and the Invasion of Iraq

By H C Tayler
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Andrews UK Limited
  • Isbn : 0722341784
  • Pages : 231
  • Category : Fiction
  • Reads : 663
  • File Pdf: harry-flashman-and-the-invasion-of-iraq.pdf

Book Summary:

Through the winter of 2002/3, as Britain and the United States prepare for war with Iraq, one man above all others is doing his utmost to avoid conflict. Step forward Captain Harry Flashman, a staff officer with the Queen's Royal Hussars and distant descendant of legendary Victorian scoundrel General Sir Harry Flashman, VC. The passing generations have done nothing to fortify his moral fibre. Flashman's journey begins with a posting to Plymouth, home of the Royal Marines, in time to join the impending Gulf deployment. Despite his protestations he is shipped to Kuwait to begin a relatively secure job with Brigade Headquarters. But his plans for a cosy war spent safely behind a desk are rudely interrupted by an enforced move to a front-line unit. After bust-ups with the Americans and a foiled attempt to avoid the invasion altogether, Flashman finds himself in the one place he has tried so hard to avoid: the very vanguard of the assault. Landing by helicopter with the Royal Marines, he is soon footslogging through the mud and fighting for his life as the men of 42 Commando seize their objectives on the Al Faw Peninsula. Based on the experiences of the author, Harry Flashman and the Invasion of Iraq is a historically accurate account of events in the Gulf during spring 2003 – embellished only slightly for the enjoyment of the reader.

Bombers over Sand and Snow

By Alun Granfield
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Casemate Publishers
  • Isbn : 1844687082
  • Pages : 360
  • Category : History
  • Reads : 267
  • File Pdf: bombers-over-sand-and-snow.pdf

Book Summary:

205 Group RAF provided the only mobile force of heavy night bombers in the Mediterranean theater in the Second World War. It operated mainly from bases in Egypt, Libya, Tunisia and Italy, with occasional excursions to Malta, Greece and Iraq, attacking tactical and strategic targets according to the demands of the wider war in the theater. The force was relatively small when compared with the numbers of aircraft available to Bomber Command in the Western European theater, and it carried on using the venerable Vickers Wellington long after this aircraft had been relegated to the training role in the United Kingdom.Like their UK-based counterparts the night bombers were intended to operate in a strategic role, bombing targets away from the immediate battlefront. However, the demands of the war in the Middle East and Mediterranean soon diverted the bombers from their strategic role and saw them operating much closer to the front line in support of the hard pressed ground forces.The bomber squadrons in North Africa usually operated from Advanced Landing Grounds scraped out of the bare desert, with only a few tents for shelter. In Italy they did have more or less permanent bases, but they still lived in tents (if they were lucky) often surrounded by a sea of mud. There were no pubs, often no beer, and the only contact with their families were the eagerly awaited letters from home. Also the squadrons in England did not have Rommel continually knocking on their door. Thus, the operations of the night bombers in the Middle East and Mediterranean were often governed by the general progress of the war in the theater. The ebb and flow of the land battles not only determined the activities of the night bombers, but also determined their location. This book tells their story.

The Other Side of Terror

By Erica R. Edwards
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : NYU Press
  • Isbn : 1479808407
  • Pages :
  • Category : Literary Criticism
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Book Summary:

Reveals the troubling intimacy between Black women and the making of US global power The year 1968 marked both the height of the worldwide Black liberation struggle and a turning point for the global reach of American power, which was built on the counterinsurgency honed on Black and other oppressed populations at home. The next five decades saw the consolidation of the culture of the American empire through what Erica R. Edwards calls the “imperial grammars of blackness.” This is a story of state power at its most devious and most absurd, and, at the same time, a literary history of Black feminist radicalism at its most trenchant. Edwards reveals how the long war on terror, beginning with the late–Cold War campaign against organizations like the Black Panther Party for Self-Defense and the Black Liberation Army, has relied on the labor and the fantasies of Black women to justify the imperial spread of capitalism. Black feminist writers not only understood that this would demand a shift in racial gendered power, but crafted ways of surviving it. The Other Side of Terror offers an interdisciplinary Black feminist analysis of militarism, security, policing, diversity, representation, intersectionality, and resistance, while discussing a wide array of literary and cultural texts, from the unpublished work of Black radical feminist June Jordan to the memoirs of Condoleezza Rice to the television series Scandal. With clear, moving prose, Edwards chronicles Black feminist organizing and writing on “the other side of terror”, which tracked changes in racial power, transformed African American literature and Black studies, and predicted the crises of our current era with unsettling accuracy.

Airpower Applied

By John Adreas Olsen
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Naval Institute Press
  • Isbn : 1682470768
  • Pages :
  • Category : History
  • Reads : 810
  • File Pdf: airpower-applied.pdf

Book Summary:

Airpower in Action tells the story of the evolution of airpower and its impact upon the history of warfare. Through a critical examination of twenty-nine case studies in which the United States in various coalitions and Israel played significant roles, the book offers perspectives on the political purpose, strategic meaning, and military importance of airpower. The authors demystify some of airpower’s strategic history by extracting the most useful teachings to help military professionals and political leaders understand what airpower has to offer as a “continuation of politics by other means.” Airpower in Action presents a spectrum of aerospace achievements, limitations, and potential that demonstrates how warfare has changed over the last few decades and why airpower has become a dominant factor in war. The case studies emphasize the importance of connecting policy and airpower: strategic effectiveness cannot substitute for poor statecraft. As the United States, its allies, and Israel have seen in their most recent applications of airpower, even the most robust and capable air weapon can never be more effective than the strategy and policy it is intended to support. By analyzing the operational history of the world’s most battle-tested air forces, the case studies can help military professionals understand the political context in which air operations must be assessed—beyond technological and statistical data—and develop an appreciation of the strategic value of airpower, rather than follow the tactical land-centric line of reasoning that still dominates military thinking. As a whole, this study is intended to encourage military professionals to combine the insights gained from these historical events with their specific fields of expertise, and ultimately to incorporate their enhanced airpower competence into their discussions with political decision makers, nongovernmental organizations, and fellow officers of all services. The focus on lessons and prospects allows officers to reflect on their calling and to articulate military principles more effectively in the councils of defense planning. Thus, while the historical chapters are relevant in their own right, the potential lessons must become integral to both the theoretical and applied dimensions of the airpower profession. The real value of airpower does not depend on promises of tactical and technological excellence, but on airpower’s relevance to statecraft proper and its ability to secure strategic and political objectives at a cost acceptable to governments and the public. The future of airpower lies in the ability of its practitioners to connect it to national policy and to view airpower in its political-strategic rather than tactical-technological domains. In sum, the U.S. and Israeli experiences show how and why airpower has become the political leaders’ “instrument of choice” for demonstrating national resolve. Airpower has become a symbol of American and Israeli strength, the supreme political muscle and ultimate trump card. This book should therefore be of interest to any nation that aspires to develop and operate airpower, or seeks to defend itself against it.


By Kalman Dubov
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Kalman Dubov
  • Isbn : N.a
  • Pages :
  • Category : History
  • Reads : 150
  • File Pdf: deployment.pdf

Book Summary:

Near the close of my 28-years of service in the United States military, as a Jewish Chaplain, and while on active duty with the United States Air Force, I received deployment orders to the Middle East, Central Asia, and Africa. These orders followed the 11 September 2001 attack on the United States. In response, the United States launched two simultaneous wars, one in Iraq, termed Operation Iraqi Freedom. The second was termed Operation Enduring Freedom and was in Afghanistan. At the time, I was given exceptional orders – to travel to these two war zones, to include the satellite countries which had American and Coalition military forces, organize and lead the Jewish personnel, and train a Lay Leader for base representation. These orders allowed me to travel at will throughout both war zones. During this travel, which extended from the Marine base in Djibouti, in east Africa, through the Middle East and Central Asia, I saw firsthand the bases, personnel, and morale of this massive worldwide response to the attacks on 11 September. This volume reflects my time while traveling through these theatres of war. My time spent in these countries was unique and I recount these experiences in context. In addition, just a month before retirement, I received orders to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba for a 10-day period. These travels enabled me to see United States military activities from numerous vantage points, as well as visit a highly charged and restricted base in the Caribbean. This is a special story that reflects my perceptions of the war against terror.

White Flag?

By Michael Ashcroft,Isabel Oakeshott
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Biteback Publishing
  • Isbn : 1785904191
  • Pages : 400
  • Category : Political Science
  • Reads : 957
  • File Pdf: white-flag.pdf

Book Summary:

FOREWORD BY GENERAL SIR MIKE JACKSON After the pain of Iraq and Afghanistan, it is hard to imagine the UK being drawn into another war. Defence chiefs warn that there is a real prospect of future conflict, but they have struggled to persuade most politicians to take them seriously. Our leaders have concluded there are no votes in defence, and have progressively run down the armed forces. Today, the army is at its smallest since the Napoleonic Wars; the RAF is less than half its size twenty five years ago, and the Royal Navy will struggle to muster the ships and weapons required to protect our new aircraft carriers. Is there really a risk of war? Is our military less capable and, if so, what could that mean for our future? White Flag? explains what has happened to our armed forces in recent years and asks whether their decline endangers our safety and prosperity.

Encyclopedia of the Persian Gulf War

By Richard Alan Schwartz
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : McFarland
  • Isbn : 1476621756
  • Pages : 223
  • Category : History
  • Reads : 675
  • File Pdf: encyclopedia-of-the-persian-gulf-war.pdf

Book Summary:

Between January 17 and February 28, 1991, an international military coalition sanctioned by the United Nations and led by the United States defeated a large, well-equipped Iraqi army and forced it to withdraw from occupied Kuwait. The first major military action after the end of the Cold War, the Persian Gulf War is seen as the precursor of a new military doctrine; ground troops from 19 countries around the globe participated in the operation. This is a comprehensive reference work to the people, places, events, weapons, operations, and other matters in the Persian Gulf War. A chronology is also provided, covering the major events from 1958 through 1991 that led to the rise of Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein, his invasion of Kuwait, and the rousting of Iraqi forces from that country.

To Be a U.S. Marine

By S.F. (Steve) Tomajczyk
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Zenith Press
  • Isbn : 1610600355
  • Pages : 160
  • Category : History
  • Reads : 771
  • File Pdf: to-be-a-u-s-marine.pdf

Book Summary:

DIVComprised of smart, highly adaptable men and women, the Marine Corps serves as the aggressive tip of the U.S. military spear. Theirs is a smaller, more dynamic force than any other in the American arsenal, and the only forward-deployed force designed for expeditionary operations by air, land, or sea. It is their size and expertise that allow them to move faster. Working to overcome disadvantage and turn conflict into victory, they accomplish great things, and they do so together. In the Marine Corps, there is a motto that describes their commitment to each other, their organization, and their country. It is Semper Fidelis or "Semper Fi." Translated from Latin, it means "Always Faithful."- Superb full-color action photos- Behind the scenes look at the training and structure- Next book in the colorful and successful series covering America's military forces- Still one of America's most combat efficient forcesFeatures:Chronological photographic displays, with personal stories, of a class of recruits as they progress through Marine recruit training.Steve Tomajczyk gains unprecedented access to the men in training around the country, including California, North Carolina, Virginia, and Okinawa.Superb full-color action photos.Author Steve Tomajczyk takes you through Marine recruit training - "Boot Camp" - the 13-week process that transforms a young person with the courage to succeed into a mature, highly disciplined, and fully capable Marine. During this time drill instructors teach individuals how to care for themselves and others, function as a member of a team and to achieve success together. Training includes first aid, water survival skills, marksmanship, tactics and other related topics. Training also focuses on customs, traditions and history that have made the Marine Corps respected around the world.About the AuthorS.F. Tomajczyk has written numerous books on weapons, agencies, and other aspects of the U.S. military and warfare, including Black Hawk, Bomb Squads, and Carrier Battle Group. Tomajczyk lives in Loudon, New Hampshire./div

A Line in the Sand

By Ray Wiss
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : D & M Publishers
  • Isbn : 9781553656548
  • Pages : 424
  • Category : History
  • Reads : 992
  • File Pdf: a-line-in-the-sand.pdf

Book Summary:

In 2007–08, Dr. Ray Wiss, a former infantry officer, served with the Canadian Forces at forward operating bases in Khandahar's Panjwayi valley, the area experiencing the most intense combat in Afghanistan. He spent more time in the combat area than any other Canadian physician, and his successful first book, FOB Doc, was the diary of his time “outside the wire” during that tour of duty. Captain Wiss's experience in Afghanistan convinced him that this conflict was a rare example of a moral war. When asked to return for an even longer tour of duty in the combat zone, he readily agreed. Once again, he kept a diary, writing with passion about the efforts, sacrifices and achievements of those Canadians who served with such distinction. Illustrated with over 100 colour photographs, A Line in the Sand tells us about virtually every kind of soldier fighting in Afghanistan: the bomb technician, the engineer, the combat medic, the “grunt” as well as about the Afghans, from whom we are seemingly so different yet with whom we share so much. It is an impassioned insider’s view of the war in Afghanistan and a convincing testament to why it matters.

Long Range Desert Group

By W. B. Kennedy Shaw
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Frontline Books
  • Isbn : 1848328591
  • Pages : 256
  • Category : History
  • Reads : 659
  • File Pdf: long-range-desert-group.pdf

Book Summary:

During the two-and-a-half years' fighting in the Western Desert of North Africa, which began with the Italian declaration of war in June 1940 and ended in 1943, the Long Range Desert Group became the acknowledged master of the vast desert. This small, highly mobile force was engaged in daring exploits and reconnaissance far behind the enemy's lines. Emerging suddenly from the depths of the desert, the LRDG would raid important airfields or attack Axis lines of communication along the Mediterranean coast, and then vanish back into the desert, to reappear hundreds of miles away. With its brilliant description of the harsh beauty of the desert, and its exiting chronicle of the LRDG activities, this book is as fascinating today as it was when was first published in 1945, after being vetted by the War Office.'Moving, exciting and authentic'The Observer'The British genius for exploration, hard living and insolently bold guerrilla warfare has never been better demonstrated than by the Long Range Desert Group [Kennedy Shaw's book is] a remarkable record, told simply, unpretentiously and with engaging humour One cannot remember a better war book.'The Manchester Guardian

Advances in Social Work Practice with the Military

By Joan Beder
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Routledge
  • Isbn : 1136789189
  • Pages : 328
  • Category : Psychology
  • Reads : 219
  • File Pdf: advances-in-social-work-practice-with-the-military.pdf

Book Summary:

With the United States’ involvement in numerous combat operations overseas, the need for civilian social workers with the clinical skills necessary to work with members of the military returning from combat, as well as their families, has never been more critical. In this practical and important book, each chapter is written by specialists in a particular area devoted to the care of service members and includes case material to demonstrate assessment and intervention approaches. The reader is introduced to the world of the military and the subsequent development of mental health services for returning men and women. Chapters look at special populations of service members with specific needs based directly on their experience in the military, discussing post-traumatic stress disorder, traumatic brain injury, sexual harassment and assault during their service, and the physiology of the war zone experience. The challenges faced by reintegrating service men and women are explored in detail and include family issues, suicide, and substance use disorders. A section on services available to returning service members looks at those offered by the Veterans Administration and at the use of animal-assisted interventions. The book concludes with a section devoted to unique concerns for the practitioner and explores ethical concerns they may face and their own needs as clinicians working with this population.

Cecil Brown

By Reed W. Smith
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : McFarland
  • Isbn : 1476630887
  • Pages : 298
  • Category : Biography & Autobiography
  • Reads : 976
  • File Pdf: cecil-brown.pdf

Book Summary:

The son of Jewish immigrants, war correspondent Cecil Brown (1907–1987) was a member of CBS’ esteemed Murrow Boys. Expelled from Italy and Singapore for reporting the facts, he witnessed the Nazi invasion of Yugoslavia and the war in North Africa, and survived the sinking of the British battleship HMS Repulse by a Japanese submarine. Back in the U.S., he became an influential commentator during the years when Americans sought a dispassionate voice to make sense of complex developments. He was one of the first journalists to champion civil rights, to condemn Senator McCarthy’s tactics (and President Eisenhower’s reticence), and to support Israel’s creation. Although he won every major broadcast journalism award, his accomplishments have been largely overlooked by historians. This first biography of Brown chronicles his career in journalism and traces his contributions to the profession.

The Path Through the Trees

By Christopher Milne
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Pan Macmillan
  • Isbn : 1447269861
  • Pages : 304
  • Category : Biography & Autobiography
  • Reads : 359
  • File Pdf: the-path-through-the-trees.pdf

Book Summary:

The need to outgrow one's childhood influences and establish an individual identity is common to us all, but for Christopher Milne it was an especially difficult experience in view of the unique problems he faced as the son of A. A. Milne. In this warm, honest, and often amusing autobiography, he traces the path which, after several wrong turnings, ultimately led him and his wife, Lesley, to establish the successful Harbour Bookshop in Dartmouth - a path which led not to spectacular achievements, but to modest success and contentment. Wise, humble, and philosophical, The Path Through the Trees is Christopher Milne's search as a young man for his own place in life, told with the same sincerity and vividness that distinguished his first book, The Enchanted Places. '. . . it is readily, and with the utmost pleasure, I give this alpha-plus.' Bookseller '. . . it has great charm, and is most enjoyable.' Daily Telegraph 'An irresistibly attractive candour informs this book.' Economist

Once Upon a Time I Met...

By Mike Alexander
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : AuthorHouse
  • Isbn : 166558646X
  • Pages : 406
  • Category : Travel
  • Reads : 341
  • File Pdf: once-upon-a-time-i-met.pdf

Book Summary:

This book is a travelogue with short descriptions of chance interviews of folks, ranging in scope from North Cape to the Cape of Good Hope (105 deg. of latitude) and from Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA to Tokyo, Japan (225 deg. of longitude).

Dear Mr. President

By Gabe Hudson
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Vintage
  • Isbn : 0307425460
  • Pages : 176
  • Category : Fiction
  • Reads : 533
  • File Pdf: dear-mr-president.pdf

Book Summary:

Everybody’s Gulf War Syndrome is a little bit different. Or so believes Larry, who returns home from Desert Storm to find his hair gone and his bones rapidly disintegrating. Then there’s Lance Corporal James Laverne of the US Marines, who grows a third ear in Kuwait. And in the audaciously comic novella “Notes from a Bunker Along Highway 8,” a Green Beret deserts his team after seeing a vision of George Washington, only to find a new calling—administering aid to wounded Iraqi civilians; he’s hindered only by the furtive nature of his mission and an unruly band of chimpanzees. Together these narratives form a bracing amalgamation of devastating humor and brilliant cultural observation, in which Gabe Hudson fearlessly explores the darker implications of American military power.

The Struggle for Iraq

By Thomas M. Renahan
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : U of Nebraska Press
  • Isbn : 1612349242
  • Pages : 536
  • Category : History
  • Reads : 237
  • File Pdf: the-struggle-for-iraq.pdf

Book Summary:

The Struggle for Iraq is a vivid personal account of the Iraqi people's fight for democracy and justice by an American political scientist. Thomas M. Renahan arrived in southern Iraq just three days before the capture of Saddam Hussein in 2003. Later he worked in Baghdad through the dark days of the country's sectarian violence and then in Iraqi Kurdistan. One of the few Americans to serve in all three major regions of Iraq, he spearheaded projects to develop democratic institutions, promote democracy and elections, and fight corruption. With inside accounts of two USAID projects and of a Kurdish government ministry, this engrossing and cautionary story highlights efforts to turn Baathist Iraq into a democratic country. Renahan examines the challenges faced by the Iraqi people and international development staff during this turbulent time, revealing both their successes and frustrations. Drawing on his on-the-ground civilian perspective, Renahan recounts how expatriate staff handled the hardships and dangers as well as the elaborate security required to protect them, how Iraqi staff coped with the personal security risks of working for Coalition organizations, and the street-level mayhem and violence, including the assassinations of close Iraqi friends. Although Iraq remains in crisis, it has largely defeated the ISIS terrorists who seized much of the country in 2014. Renahan emphasizes, however, that reconciliation is still the end game in Iraq. In the concluding chapters he explains how the United States can support this process and help resolve the complex problems between the Iraqi government and the independence-minded Kurds, offering hope for the future.

After the Wall Came Down

By Andrew Richards
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Casemate
  • Isbn : 1612008313
  • Pages : 256
  • Category : History
  • Reads : 743
  • File Pdf: after-the-wall-came-down.pdf

Book Summary:

The generation of young men and women who joined the British Army during the mid to late 1980s would serve their country during an unprecedented period of history. Unlike the two world war generations, they would never face total war – there was never any declaration of war and there was no one single country to defeat. In fact, it was supposed to have been the end of war, a time of peace and stability. Politicians started to use the term, Peace Dividend, with government officials even planning on how and where it should be spent. But for those in the military, the two decades following the end of the Cold War would not be a time of peace. Government spending and the size of the military was reduced but the Army’s commitments increased exponentially. Those serving not only faced continuous deployment in overseas operations, they would also be involved in immense upheavals that took place within the army. When the Berlin Wall came down, the British Army had not changed for decades. The ending of the Cold War, combined with a technological revolution, a changing society at home, and new global threats mean that the Army of the second decade of the twentieth-first century – the army this generation of soldiers is now retiring from – is unrecognizable from the one they joined in the late 1980s. This is the story of the soldiers who served in the British Army in those tumultuous decades.

American Sniper

By Chris Kyle,Scott McEwen,Jim DeFelice
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Harper Collins
  • Isbn : 006208237X
  • Pages : 448
  • Category : Biography & Autobiography
  • Reads : 963
  • File Pdf: american-sniper.pdf

Book Summary:

The #1 New York Times bestselling memoir of U.S. Navy Seal Chris Kyle, and the source for Clint Eastwood’s blockbuster, Academy-Award nominated movie. “An amazingly detailed account of fighting in Iraq--a humanizing, brave story that’s extremely readable.” — PATRICIA CORNWELL, New York Times Book Review "Jaw-dropping...Undeniably riveting." —RICHARD ROEPER, Chicago Sun-Times From 1999 to 2009, U.S. Navy SEAL Chris Kyle recorded the most career sniper kills in United States military history. His fellow American warriors, whom he protected with deadly precision from rooftops and stealth positions during the Iraq War, called him “The Legend”; meanwhile, the enemy feared him so much they named him al-Shaitan (“the devil”) and placed a bounty on his head. Kyle, who was tragically killed in 2013, writes honestly about the pain of war—including the deaths of two close SEAL teammates—and in moving first-person passages throughout, his wife, Taya, speaks openly about the strains of war on their family, as well as on Chris. Gripping and unforgettable, Kyle’s masterful account of his extraordinary battlefield experiences ranks as one of the great war memoirs of all time.

The Deserter's Tale

By Joshua Key
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : House of Anansi
  • Isbn : 1770890726
  • Pages : 252
  • Category : Biography & Autobiography
  • Reads : 411
  • File Pdf: the-deserter-s-tale.pdf

Book Summary:

Joshua Key's critically acclaimed memoir, The Deserter's Tale, is the first account from a soldier who deserted from the war in Iraq, and a vivid and damning indictment of how the war is being waged. In spring 2003, young Oklahoman Joshua Key was sent to Ramadi as part of a combat engineer company with the U.S. military. The war he found himself participating in was not the campaign against terrorists and evildoers he had expected. Key saw Iraqi civilians beaten, shot, and killed for little or no provocation. After six months in Iraq, Key was home on leave and knew he could not return. So he took his family and went underground in the United States, finally seeking asylum in Canada. In clear-eyed, compelling prose crafted with the help of award-winning Canadian novelist and journalist Lawrence Hill, The Deserter's Tale tells the story of a man who went into the war believing unquestioningly in his government and who was transformed into a person who ethically, morally, and physically could no longer serve his country.

Every Traveller Needs a Compass

By Neil Cooke,Vanessa Daubney
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Oxbow Books
  • Isbn : 1785701002
  • Pages : 272
  • Category : History
  • Reads : 670
  • File Pdf: every-traveller-needs-a-compass.pdf

Book Summary:

A varied and charming collection of 17 papers that bring something new about the people from many countries and backgrounds who traveled to, from and within Egypt and the Near East, either singly or as a group, and explored, observed and recorded, or stayed for a short period of time to improve their health or simply to enjoy the experience. While some travelers kept a diary or journal that has survived until today, others did not. Their travels have to be extracted from the wide range of manuscript sources that are thankfully retained in libraries and archives, or which still remain with their descendants. Sometimes, the name of a traveler is only contained in a few words within a single piece of correspondence or journal entry, yet from such small beginnings and through detective work to link the chance meetings between travelers with a location, or news of a shared event, it is often possible to chart part of a traveler’s journey and bring to life a person who has long been forgotten. These minor characters and their travails often bring a new perspective to well-known places and events.

Imagined Theatres

By Daniel Sack
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Taylor & Francis
  • Isbn : 1351965603
  • Pages : 292
  • Category : Drama
  • Reads : 412
  • File Pdf: imagined-theatres.pdf

Book Summary:

Imagined Theatres collects theoretical dramas written by some of the leading scholars and artists of the contemporary stage. These dialogues, prose poems, and microfictions describe imaginary performance events that explore what might be possible and impossible in the theatre. Each scenario is mirrored by a brief accompanying reflection, asking what they might mean for our thinking about the theatre. These many possible worlds circle around questions that include: In what way is writing itself a performance? How do we understand the relationship between real performances that engender imaginary reflections and imaginary conceptions that form the basis for real theatrical productions? Are we not always imagining theatres when we read or even when we sit in the theatre, watching whatever event we imagine we are seeing?


By John Beasant
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Random House
  • Isbn : 1780571283
  • Pages : 272
  • Category : History
  • Reads : 323
  • File Pdf: oman.pdf

Book Summary:

Oman is one of the world’s most secretive countries,ruled with absolute authority by the Sultan. All information is strictly controlled by the State: British Prime Minister Edward Heath once said that the story of the 1970 Palace Coup and the events that followed would ‘not be told in our lifetime’. Following ten years’ residency in the country a senior member of Sultan Qaboos's Family suggested that John Beasant write a political history of Oman that would to some extent rehabilitate the maligned name of former Sultan Said, who was deposed in the 1970 Coup. In 'Oman' Beasant catalogues a nature of exploitation woven through all manner of political and commercial interests and casts light on the dark practices so often involved in the sale of arms to Middle Eastern states and illustrates the political use to which the sale of ‘black gold’ - oil - can be put. Oman is a parable of our times, detailing rivalry and intrigue between people in high places. It is one of the most dramatic tales in Arab history: a chronicle of personal price, rapacious greed and undiluted lust for power.


By Cary Allen Stone
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : FINE LINE BOOKS
  • Isbn : 1310796807
  • Pages :
  • Category : Fiction
  • Reads : 298
  • File Pdf: after-the-goode.pdf

Book Summary:

Ex-homicide detective Jake Roberts and his Hollywood agent girlfriend, Caitland, are on vacation in Phoenix. Donald and Betty O’Malley are also on vacation, their first one ever. Donald’s employer terminates him after thirty years on the job. Bobby Goode performs at the comedy club that made him a mega-star. Homicide Detectives Williams and Farina investigate a gruesome murder. They ask Jake to consult on the case.

American Airpower Comes of Age: General Henry H. "Hap" Arnold's World War II Diaries, Volume 1

  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : DIANE Publishing
  • Isbn : 1428910816
  • Pages :
  • Category :
  • Reads : 557
  • File Pdf: american-airpower-comes-of-age.pdf

Book Summary:

Read and download full book American Airpower Comes of Age: General Henry H. "Hap" Arnold's World War II Diaries, Volume 1

The 44th Golden Age of Science Fiction MEGAPACK®: Chester S. Geier

By Chester S. Geier
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Wildside Press LLC
  • Isbn : 1479429589
  • Pages : 360
  • Category : Fiction
  • Reads : 976
  • File Pdf: the-44th-golden-age-of-science-fiction-megapack.pdf

Book Summary:

Chester S. Geier (1921-1990) was a U.S. author and editor whose first work, “A Length of Rope” appeared in Unknown in April 1941. Editor Ray Palmer recruited him to write for the Ziff-Davis group of pulp magazines, where he became a frequent contributor to Amazing Stories and Fantastic Adventures, and less frequently to mystery and western pulps. He published under his own name and several pseudonyms, including Guy Archette, Alexander Blade, P F Costello, Warren Kastel, S M Tenneshaw, Gerald Vance and Peter Worth. Included are: Spirit of the Keys Illusion on Callisto Justice Satellite Cold Ghost Death’s Head The Return of Sinbad The Lost Power The Return of Lan-Ning The Strange Disappearance of Guy Sylvester Haunted House Twisted House Rendezvous in Space Twin Satellite Seed of Empire Lightning Loot If you enjoy this ebook, don't forget to search your favorite ebook store for "Wildside Press MEGAPACK" to see more of the 300+ volumes in this series, covering adventure, historical fiction, mysteries, westerns, ghost stories, science fiction -- and much, much more!

The Day Rommel Was Stopped

By F. R. Jephson,Chris Jephson
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Casemate Publishers
  • Isbn : 1612005594
  • Pages : 304
  • Category : History
  • Reads : 436
  • File Pdf: the-day-rommel-was-stopped.pdf

Book Summary:

The true story of a forty-eight-hour showdown and the desperate gamble that prevented the Desert Fox from reaching the Suez Canal—and beyond. Biographer Sir John Wheeler-Bennett once wrote, “The actual turning of the tide in the Second World War may be accurately determined as the first week of July 1942.” This book argues that the time may be even more exact: about 2100 hours on July 2, 1942, when Erwin Rommel’s tanks withdrew for the first time since the fall of Tobruk on June 20, or, arguably, January 14 at El Agheila. At dusk the day before, Rommel had broken through the center of the British defenses at El Alamein. His tanks had overwhelmed the gallant defense of the 18th Indian Infantry Brigade in Deir el Shein at the foot of the Ruweisat Ridge. At that moment, and for the next twelve hours, there was no further organized defense between the spearhead of the Afrika Korps and Alexandria. Throughout the next day, only a handful of men and guns stood between Rommel and his prize. In Cairo, black clouds of smoke from burning files showed that many people believed Rommel would not stop short of the Suez Canal, his stated objective. But on July 3, Rommel called off his attack and ordered his troops to dig in where they stood. The Delta was saved. Just a few weeks earlier, the 18th Indian Infantry Brigade, which took the brunt of the initial attack, and the guns of the small column known as Robcol that stopped Rommel, had been in northern Iraq. Gen. Auchinleck’s desperate measure, pulling them 1,500 miles from Iraq into the western desert, succeeded—but if Robcol had failed, it is doubtful that Rommel would have stopped at the canal; it does not require much imagination to see his forces threatening to link up with Barbarossa in the Ukraine. This vivid account of the battle of Ruweisat Ridge, the beginning of the battle of Alamein, was written by an officer who was part of Robcol on that fateful day.

The Fires of Spring

By Shelly Culbertson
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : St. Martin's Press
  • Isbn : 1466874953
  • Pages : 320
  • Category : Political Science
  • Reads : 714
  • File Pdf: the-fires-of-spring.pdf

Book Summary:

Turkey, Iraq, Qatar, Jordan, Egypt, and Tunisia The “Arab Spring” all started when a young Tunisian fruit seller set himself on fire in protest of a government official confiscating his apples and slapping his face. The aftermath of that one personal protest grew to become the Middle East movement known as the Arab Spring—a wave of disparate events that included protests, revolutions, hopeful reform movements, and bloody civil wars. The Fires of Spring is the first book to bring the post-Arab Spring world to light in a holistic context. A narrative of author Shelly Culbertson’s journey through six countries of the Middle East, The Fires of Spring tells the story by weaving together a sense of place, insight about issues of our time, interviews with leaders, history, and personal stories. Culbertson navigates the nuances of street life and peers into ministries, mosques, and women’s worlds. She delves into what Arab Spring optimism was about, and at the same time sheds light on the pain and dysfunction that continues to plague parts of the region. The Fires of Spring blends reportage, travel memoir, and analysis in this complex and multifaceted portrait.